I am the mother of boy/girl twins: David and Katherine ( the “twinkies”).  My babies decided to enter into this world 10 weeks early at 3lbs 15oz and 3lbs 11oz, which resulted in a 6 week stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (“NICU”). During the twinkies’ time in the NICU I learned a lot about how to care for premature babies including the optimal way to feed them. For the first 6 months of the twinkies’ lives they were fed exclusively breast milk. This wasn’t exactly an easy task but I knew breast milk was best for their developing systems.

Originally, I had started this blog to chart our journey with discovering new foods. As always though, life had surprises in store for us and our carefree journey of discovering new foods quickly turned into an allergy extravaganza!

Both kids started reacting to oats, barley, wheat products, root vegetables, eggs, dairy, legumes and more. In my typical style, I immediately started researching food allergies and sensitivities to attempt to feed the kids a diet that would do more good than harm. Throw in a couple of ER visits with pneumonia and we very quickly ended up at a local asthma clinic as well with the diagnosis of asthma, anaphylaxis and allergies. This was when I went into some serious research mode.

Literally, for months on end, every night before bed I was researching for 2-3 solid hours of non-traditional diets that may be suitable for my sensitive twinkies. That may not seem like a huge task to you but after a day of balancing work while caring for quickly maturing, super physically-active, and witty twinkies, the last thing most Mamas of multiples want to do is spend more time working 🙂 I prevailed in my research however and was able to land on a diet somewhere between vegan and paleo (because, we’re true meat eaters to the core!) with a healthy dose of fermented foods that seem to have the twinkies back on track with virtually no asthma or allergy attacks. We’ve all but abandoned pre-packaged, convenience, and fast-food now and have mostly settled into our makeshift diet.

DSC_1439As the twinkies start developing more I realized that, along with my love of food, I also discovered a love of sensory play! Our original sensory bins were simple wild rice and a couple of hand-held beach shovels. The twinkies had SO much fun and I enjoyed watching them learn and discover. Discovery bottles and bags were very quickly added into the mix. I found that every day we’d be doing different sensory activities and enjoying every moment of it (well, maybe not always the clean-up) 🙂 So, it made sense to me that this blog should evolve and incorporate feeding MINDS as well as tummies.

I wouldn’t call myself a religious person but my faith is strong. Much like our diet, my faith is non-traditional. My intention has always been to expose the twinkies to various religions in the hopes that they are able to find the right one for them when they’re older. In addition, in our modern, hectic world we need to remember to take care of our souls – this can start happening at a very young age (e.g. taking deep cleansing breaths when upset.) Thus, feeding SPIRIT has also been worked into our blog.




Our hope is that you stick around awhile, read some of the posts we have to offer and see what other surprises life may have in store for us! 🙂