Easy Weeknight Shrimp Carbonara

It doesn’t happen all that often, but every once in a while we like to throw caution to the wind and have a pasta dinner! A favourite around our house is pasta carbonara made with milk kefir or probiotic yogurt. The kefir and/or yogurt give the sauce a lovely, light and zingy flavour. Try this easy weeknight recipe one night at your home and you won’t be disappointed!



  • 1 1/2 cup milk kefir or probiotic plan yogurt (full fat is always best)
  • 1 cup finely grated parmesan
  • 1/4 cup good quality olive oil
  • 2 large egg yolks
  • 1 pound peeled, deveined shrimp
  • 2-3 slices bacon
  • 1 sweet pepper (any colour will do!), sliced
  • 1/2 large onion, sliced
  • 1 large clove garlic, diced
  • 1/4 chopped flat leaf parsley
  • Cooked pasta


  1. Cook pasta according to directions on the package and be sure to reserve at least 1 cup of pasta water. We often use quinoa or gluten-free pasta as opposed to pasta made with enriched white flour.
  2. Cook 3 slices of bacon in a large frying pan or skillet over medium-high heat. Remove bacon and set aside when it’s crispy and cooked through.
  3. Heat a couple tablespoons of the olive oil over medium-high heat in the frying pan/skillet. Add in sliced onion and sweet pepper. Cook for 3 minutes or so.
  4. To the pan, add diced garlic and chop up the bacon and add back in.
  5. While the bacon, onions, peppers and garlic are cooking away, whisk together milk kefir, 1/2 cup parmesan, 2 large egg yolks, half of the chopped parsley and the remaining olive oil. Set aside.
  6. Returning to the pan, add in the uncooked shrimp. Stir somewhat frequently until shrimp is 1/2 cooked.
  7. Add the cooked pasta to the pan and pour in the whisked kefir sauce. Turn the heat off.
  8. Moving quickly, toss the pasta in the sauce as to coat all the pasta. If the sauce is a little thick, use the reserved pasta cooking water to loosen it up. Cover and the steam and residual heat will finish cooking the shrimp.
  9. Serve in individual pasta bowls garnished with the remaining parmesan and parsley. Enjoy!

Depending what we have on hand, I often replace the parsley with kale, olive oil with ghee, bacon with pepperoni or salami, and peppers with things like broccoli, fennel, peas, etc. This recipe is so versatile and forgiving so get creative with it!

Shrimp Carbonara
Shrimp Carbonara

Do you have any favourite easy weeknight meals? Share with us in the comments!


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