The BEST 3rd Birthday Present!

I’ve gotten some pretty cool birthday presents in my day (e.g. an exercise Barbie my little sister told me I was getting before I unwrapped the present, an engagement ring, and, of course, my twinkies, D&K!) but as far as unique ideas go, this one is probably the BEST! Presenting, D&K’s 3rd birthday present (arriving slightly early):

Twin Playhouses for 3rd Birthdays!
Twin Playhouses for 3rd Birthdays!

With some detailed instructions in hand from Ana White’s website, we had our contractor build this beauty in about 3 days. Of course, D&K tested it out here and there during construction and when it was safe to do so. The structure contains 2 playhouses that are connected by a bridge and a set of monkey bars. Under the bridge is a secret passageway that can be accessed from the bottom portions of the playhouses.

The room we had this built in measures about 16 feet wide by 21 feet or so long. I was worried at first about the structure blocking the windows in case of needing a fire escape but this structure actually makes it easier for us to reach the windows. The ceilings are 9 feet high so we’d need a ladder to reach the windows anyways. Now, we will be able to access the windows from the bridge or the playhouse on the right.

On first sight, K decided that the left playhouse would be hers and the right playhouse would belong to D; he didn’t seem to mind. The playhouses will fit twin size mattresses which could make for some super cool sleep overs when the kids get older.

I’ll be picking out some paint colours soon and will let D&K pick the colours they like the most for their own houses. Future updates will include:

  • placing a 4×8 foot gymnastics mat under the monkey bars (already ordered and should be arriving this week. I ordered this one);
  • reinforcing and turning the wall under the bridge into a rock climbing wall;
  • installing easels (essentially an oversized paper clip) inside the lower parts of the playhouses.

D&K want to play on the new twin playhouse structure every night as soon as they come home from daycare – which is a pretty good sign they like it, I’d say!

Happy 3rd Birthday to the 2 most determined, intelligent and loving three-year-olds I know! You’ve overcome so many challenges in your 3 short years and are thriving. A twin mama couldn’t be more proud than I of you every. single. day. 🙂


    What a great gift for 2 energetic kids.


    I agree! And it definitely helps them use up some of their energy…some…not all 😉


    Great Gift loving parents! I have been thinking of hiring someone to put it in my basement. Did you anchor it to the walls and floor? how many man and hours does it take your contractors to put it together? Did the contractor picked up the materials and then cut it and put it together? Thanks


    Hi JJ, thanks! No, this unit isn’t anchored to the walls or floor. It took about 3 days to have it all put together but those weren’t necessarily full work days. The contractor took care of picking up the materials, cutting and putting everything together.


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