A Disorganized Allergy Mama

Do you ever have one of those days where you exclaim, “OMG I need to get my sh*t together!” Yea, I’m having one of those right now…


Being an allergy Mama, you are forced into thinking a certain number of moves ahead. Meaning, this past weekend the twinkies and I went on a trip to visit their grandparents and great-grandparents. If you’ve never tried it, traveling with one adult versus two 2.5 year olds is… “difficult”; to say the least. However, I was confident we’d get a chance to visit with some family members we haven’t seen since the twinkies were babies. Like a dutiful mother, I packed lots of allergy-free snacks and treats, ensured the epipens and puffers were secured in my fanny packs at all times (except for sleeping), and did my best to avoid most of our allergy triggers; in this case it unfortunately meant sending the twinkies’ great grandparent’s dog away for the day 🙁 Much like we have to do at home when we’ve come into contact with an allergen, as soon as we entered the hotel room we entered decontamination routine: everyone strips, showers/baths are had by all, and fresh clothes are put on. It’s true, our allergy to animals drives us to these measures – there’s nothing worse than scratching your eczema until it bleeds all because there was a hint of dog dander in the air.

But again, it was all totally worth it and I would jump at the chance to take the twinkies on a trip again soon. I thoroughly enjoy spending the quality time with them and it’s an exciting experience for all of us to stay in a hotel, order room service, and really leave our daily troubles behind for a little while.

Today I’ve learned however, that the real difficulty about traveling with twins comes when it’s time to re-enter the usual routine. Monday morning: kids up, breakfast, get dressed, and off to daycare for 8:30am is the usual routine. Typically, I approach a Monday morning so wickedly prepared – more than any other morning during the week – because I’ve found time over the weekend to prepare. When we go away on a trip for the weekend though, my prep time becomes nonexistent. Throw into the mix a completely hysterical 2.5 year old when you attempt to leave her at daycare, another 2.5 year old who has suddenly come down with a nasty congested cough and runny nose which means more puffers to be taken, last minute microwave english muffins that are nowhere near as tasty looking as they are on Pinterest because I’ve forgotten some key ingredient, seeing the labels are falling off the allergen-free food I actually was able to hastily prepare for the day, only to then realize I forgot to cook a protein for the daycare to give to the twinkies for lunch… “OMG I need to get my sh*t together!”

So, between a super rushed grocery shopping trip, cooking some chicken thighs in the smallest toaster oven EVER at my office, and racing it back to the daycare, I’m pretty sure the twinkies will ingest some protein today – which is a win in my book 🙂 I’ve always been a hater of routines – I’m a programmer at heart people, shouldn’t I be able to write some code that will banish mundane daily routines from my life?! However, having kids has made me realize how important going through the routines are – not for my sake, but for my growing little twinkies’ sake. They thrive on routine. Our days together ultimately run smoother on a routine. I can give the twinkies more nourishing foods when I stick to the routine.

While my screw-ups today won’t stop me from taking the twinkies on another trip, they will remind me to think a couple more moves ahead than I did this time 🙂

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