Mama DYI: Dress-up Wardrobe

Fourth birthdays have come and gone… my babies are growing up too fast! It’s really hard to believe some days that my teeny-tiny preemie babies are now the tallest kids in their daycare and resemble school-aged kids more and more every day. Whether it’s because I’m a first time Mom or because of the harsh way my babies entered the world, I try to make every birthday a joyous one to remember. For their third birthdays, you may recall D&K got this! That’s a pretty difficult present to top but I think I did alright this year and was definitely rewarded by D&K’s sheer enthusiasm and joy with the present for their fourth birthdays.

Dress-Up Wardrobe

I’ve already been chastised, “what woman, with 2 four year olds, in her right mind, turns a wine rack into a toy?!” 🙂 But, in all fairness, we have a wine rack built into our kitchen and I really don’t get much of a chance to enjoy a sip these days because said four year olds keep me hopping.

This project was really quite fast and easy. Once I figured out how this wine rack was put together I was able to disassemble it pretty easily. A hammer and a little brute force ultimately allowed me to knock out the racks and leave an open chamber.


Originally, I naively thought I’d get the finish I wanted by using some spray chalk paint – that was a big nope! So, another slight sanding later and I slathered on some premixed chalk paint picked up at the local hardware store. I wanted a light and airy colour that would easily blend into our playroom so that the wardrobe looked like it always belonged there.

After the paint, I secured some fancy-schmancy hardware to one side that would be used to hold various hats, wigs, and jewelry.

Then, I secured a portion of an old closet organizer to the top. This part would be used to hang all of the clothes.

I was able to find some interesting peel and stick acrylic mirrors for the other side. Given the rambunctious way D&K play, actual glass mirrors were NOT in the plan. In the past, we’ve had acrylic mirrors that gave a sort of warped, fun-house looking reflection which is not what I had envisioned for this wardrobe. Luckily, the acrylic mirrors I did find gave a regular reflection and didn’t pose any sort of sharp/breaking hazard.

That’s right, I rock hoodies and yoga pants pretty well every day… soak it all up 😉

And that’s it. Super simple project that sure has brought a lot of smiles to two little kiddos I love 🙂





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