Foam Jack O’Lantern Craft

It’s another chilly day here in the north. Given that K is still recovering from pneumonia we’ve been doing a lot of indoor activities. This morning I had the kids make foam Jack O’Lantern crafts. Recently I bought D&K mini pumpkins from our local farmer’s market and let them play with them in any way they wanted. The pumpkins essentially became airborne very quickly and D&K played with them like they were balls 🙂 I didn’t mind though because I think it’s important they explore ‘natural’ toys in their own way. The pumpkins were quite inexpensive as well.

So, since D&K were already familiar with pumpkins I thought this foam craft would work well. I bought a stack of rectangle foam pieces from the Dollar Store and a pack of neon pipe cleaners for a buck each. D definitely had a knack for getting the paste on the proper spot on the eyes and mouth pieces with his fingers whereas K preferred to dip her pieces into the paste. I put the pipe-cleaner vines on at the end because they are a little sharp for tiny hands. I’ll probably tape the finished product to the windows in the playroom so that D&K can admire (and play/destroy) them.

Simple Paste Recipe

1c Flour

3/4c water

Whisk until all lumps are gone and you have a thick paste.

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