Paper Mache Jack O’Lanterns

This year we didn’t carve any real pumpkins. The only real pumpkins we had in our house were pie pumpkins that I turned into…wait for it…pie! 🙂


I had the kids make paper mache pumpkins instead. With a really easy paste recipe (1c flour and 3/4c water), strips of news paper, and a little help from Mom, D&K were able to pretty well cover the entire balloon shapes themselves. This was a really messy activity but super fun was had by all. Of course, K was very liberal with the paste again so it took her pumpkin an extra day to dry.


When the pumpkins were dry I gave them a quick spray of orange spray paint, drew on the faces with a black Sharpie, popped the balloons inside, and finally stuffed some green tissue paper in the top to represent the stem/greenery. I thought the pumpkins turned out really well and K had fun kicking hers around and pulling it apart 🙂

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