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Toddler Toy Wash

I’m not going to lie to you; it’s been toddler tantrum city around here lately! D&K are both getting over a wicked nasty virus that’s been hanging on for 2 weeks now. As D&K get more run down, the timeline from frustration to full-on meltdown shrinks to about 2 milliseconds for them. However, just as when they were infants, I have found that water play can be such a soothing activity and calms frazzled nerves (that’s why I sneak in a bath whenever I possibly can…usually about once every two months).

This specific Toy Wash happened pretty spontaneously. I made the mistake of putting my coffee cup down on the coffee table when K was on the verge of another epic meltdown. Needless to say, her flailing ensured the coffee and cup went flying and her brand new, knock-off, ponies got a coffee bath. Luckily, in our kitchen we have a small hand-washing sink that’s lower than typical counter-height and is perfect for pulling up a small step stool to reach the faucet handle. A couple drops of dish-soap and Voila! A Toy Wash is born.

Now, you don’t need a small hand-washing sink to make a Toy Wash. You could use a plastic tote, baby bath tub, or even an over-sized plastic food container. My advice is to protect your floors with a cheap Dollar Store type shower curtain or drop cloth and always keep towels close at hand.

Like with any sensory play, you really do need to ensure you’re monitoring your kid(s). I typically use sensory play time as a good time to test if the kids are understanding my instructions. I keep instructions short and very to the point; e.g. Only toys and hands go in the soapy water, or the water stays in the tub, or you need to dry your hands before going to play something else, etc. As with all toddlers, my kids often need reminders of the rules but are pretty good at following simple instructions.

Go! Enjoy some therapeutic water-play with your kid(s) 😉


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