Easy Hallowe’en Banner

On my recent trip to the Dollar Store I picked up a package that I thought was full of Hallowe’en themed stickers. To my surprise, when we opened the package this past weekend it was full of Hallowe’en cards. Now, it’s no surprise that I’m still pretty new to this whole kid-school-etiquette-thing but seriously, kids give cards for Hallowe’en?? Clearly, this must be some sort of established tradition because the Dollar Store really isn’t known to be the on the cutting edge of trends; they’re more known to produce knock-offs of the trends. Thus, it makes sense that this tradition of giving cards on Hallowe’en must have been in existence for some time for there to already be Dollar Store knock-offs. It never ceases to amaze me at how far away modern culture gets from the real meanings behind “holidays”. Anyways, rant aside, I can assure you that my twinkies won’t be giving out Hallowe’en cards and so I was left to figure out what to do with these things – simply throwing them out wasn’t really the example I wanted to set for the twinkies.

Hence, the Hallowe’en banner was born! After rummaging through our craft supplies I found a roll of ribbon and a single hole punch. K in particular enjoys working on fine motor skills so she took to hole punching right away. D preferred simply handing me the punched cards for me to thread on to the ribbon. Once we were about halfway through the banner both kids lost interest but it was great while it lasted!

The Hallowe’en banner now adorns the columns around our kitchen island. Given my love of all most things Hallowe’en, I’m looking forward to having the twinkies help me continue to decorate our house!


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